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August 14, 2021
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April 14, 2021
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    Flat Roof:

    • 1-Protection of customer’s house, property and gardens.
    • 2-Supply and install Bakor Thermostik 880-33 adhesive on the concrete. 
    • 3-Supply and install Adhesive Kraft Vapour Barrier all over the Slap Concert .
    • 4-Supply and install 3.0 PolyIso insulation adhered 2 layers the R values 17.4. 
    • 5-Supply and install Kraft Laminated Vapour Barrier all over the Slap Flat Roof.
    • 6-Supply and install Tapered Package Insulation as per drawing.
    • 7-Supply and install Dens-deck Prime 1/2” 4×8 R Values 0.56.
    • 8-Supply and install Polyglass Polar self adhered Base sheet 2.5mm HD Polyester Reinforced sheet.
    • 9-Supply and install polyglass SBS 250 4.0mm Torch down Cap Elastoflex s6 G HP Slate Grey.
    • 10-Supply and install 4″ drain as per drawing.
    • 11-Supply and install Scupper as drawing.
    • 12-Supply and install 1- Roof access hatch with safety bar.
    • 13-Supply and install heavy Gage metal Capping for perimeter as required.
    • 5 years DC Roofing  warranty.
    • 10 years Manufacturers warranty.
    • Supply and install Steel Westman.
    • Supply and install Henry Blue Skin VP 200.
    • Supply and install Steel Cladding Roofing materials.


    Supply and install Bio-RoofStop MD 20 mil Roof Barrier.

    Supply and install Bio-Void FF50 Recycled Polyethylene Mat W/Integrated Filter Fabric.

    Supply and install Euro Blend Bulk Extensive Engineered Growing Media.

    Supply and install Bio-Mat Large Pre-Vegetated Sedum Mats.

    Supply and install Bio-Filter Fabric1  Trim Roll.

    Supply and install Bio-Tape S2 Technical Tape for Sealing.

    Supply and install Bio-Edge 4 L-Shaped Aluminum Edging.

    Supply and install Bio-Tape F2 Double Sided Technical Tape.

    Supply and install Bio-Edge Corner Aluminum connector Plate.

    Supply and install Bio-G490C  90 Degree Edging Corner.

    Standard Warranty.

Subtotal $500,000.00
Taxes $65,000.00
Total $565,000.00


Upon acceptance, a 50% deposit is required upon signing and prior to commencement of the project.

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