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Fabio Chappett
October 10, 2019
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October 24, 2019
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  1. Service

    Protection of customer’s house, property and gardens.

    Remove existing hip and ridge cap shingles.

    Supply a disposal container or truck to haul away all job debris.

    Remove all existing roofing layers.

    Thorough roof deck inspection. NOTE: Roof board replacement, only if necessary due to wood rot, etc, costs $75 per sheet.

    Install ice & water shield caves protection to maximum of 3 ft from eaves after fully synthetic underlayment.

    Supply and install all new roofing material using IKO Cambridge shingles.

    Install all new valley flashing using heavy gauge, pre-painted metal.

    Remove and dispose of all existing roof vents and replace with new vents.

    Thoroughly seal new and existing roof flashing using high-grade caulking.

    Complete removal of all roof equipment and job debris.

    Final tidy and clean up to complete customer satisfaction.

Subtotal $10,900.00
Taxes $1,417.00
Total $12,317.00




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